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Who We Are

Buller Vets has two clinics one in Westport and one in Murchison.  We have up to five full-time veterinarians, two full-time veterinarian nurses and four office staff in Westport, plus one veterinarian and one office/nurse staff in Murchison.  We work with the majority of dairy farms in the area, along with some sheep and deer as well.  In the small animal clinic we are able to provide a huge range of options for clients, including referral.

What our Clients say…

ago2 years

Been here twice with our puppy. Quick and easy appointments. Friendly staff. Bit pricey but only place in town. Well stocked.

Maureen Crook
ago1 year

Thanks Buller Vets, you made a difficult time way easier. Ziggy's passing was infinitely more pleasant because you were able to come to us and she passed with her family and in her home.

Jim Cameron
ago1 year

Very good cheapest vets around. Good service. Well done.

Neil Callick
ago1 year

Very competent your vet Sorted out a meds for my dogs injuries

Hilary Cameron
ago2 years

My dog had an extended stay due to coming in close to death. They figured out his illness and now he is home right as rain. The bill was waaaay less than I expected too.

Last Updated on March 3, 2023