Farm Updates

Facial Eczema Update

The current weather conditions are good for Facial Eczema spores.

All samples taken this year have had at least some spores.  Along with several high levels in Murchison and Reefton.

Your farm recommendations
  • Collect Grass samples from your farm.  Every farm is different.
  • Cut grass to residual level, either from paddocks cows are about to graze or the same paddocks you sample each time.
  • Walk in a diagonal across the paddock, and take 10-15 small samples from across the paddock.
  • Collect a minimum of 200g of grass (enough to fill a 2ltr container).
  • Ensure samples are wrapped in paper
  • Keep samples cool
  • Get them to the clinic before 11am for Murchison, 3pm for Westport and NOT on Fridays.
  • Have a treatment plan if spore counts reach high levels on your farm
  • Zinc Boluses take a minimum of a week to get here so you have to order ahead (they will last 3 years so can be stored if not used this year).


Bulk Milk BVD Testing

Posted 05/01/2023

Westland Milk Products has stopped doing herd bulk milk BVD antibody testing.
We can get this done for you this month, all you have to do is ask us and we will sort the rest.

We highly recommend all farms, even those with no history of BVD, to get a minimum of one bulk milk BVD test a year to make sure you still have no BVD present in your herd.
We have a special price for January of $50 plus GST
A low price for a peace of mind check.

If you want a refresher on BVD talk to your vet at their next visit.
BVD can have a big impact on reproduction, calf health, loss of calves if persistently infected calves born.
All purchased stock should be tested before purchase especially the BULLS.
Ring today to book it in.

Last Updated on May 9, 2023